What’s in your camera bag?

A flat lay image of whats in my camera bag including camera lens light meter film and batteries photo

What’s in your camera bag?

We often get asked, “what’s in your camera bag?” We believe that it’s important to use the best tools available. And know how to use those tools to help create gorgeous images. So I thought I would do a post where I share all our gear. I also have been asked, “Why Canon.” And simply put I am an old dog with no new tricks. I started on a Canon AE-1 and never turned back. I’m familiar with Canon’s platform and where all the buttons are and that’s really why I have never switched.

So if you were to check out our bags this is what you would find:

Digital gear

Canon 5D Mark III DSLR Bodies – Still after the Mark IV came out the Mark III is still my favorite full-frame DSLR. I’ve put new shutters in both my DLSRs this year and they are working great!

  • As a workhorse lens, the Canon 24-70mm Lens is a great versatile all-around lens. This is a go-to travel lens for me.
  • Perfect for wide-angle shots the Canon 35mm Lens is great for landscapes or architecture.
  • The perfect portrait lens is the Canon 85mm Lens, this lens produces the most beautiful bokeh.
  • The Canon 100mm Macro Lens is my go-to up-close lens for all wedding details.
  • And finally the Canon 70-200mm Telephoto Lens is the lens we use for ceremonies, it’s easier to blend into the background and go undetected with this long lens.

Film gear

  • My new love is my Pentax 645 NII SLR Body, a medium format SLR
  • Our go-to kit lens is the Pentax 75mm lens a versatile all-around lens
  • And my new favorite, my Pentax 105mm lens. Made for a Pentax 67, I recently bought this lens with a Fotodiox adapter to fit my 645 and YOU GUYS!!! I am in love! So gorgeous!
  • Sekonic Flashmate L-308S-U Light meter
  • Fuji 400h Pro 120 film
  • A notebook and pen for making notes about exposures


Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT (3) – We use our Speedlites for off-camera wedding reception lighting. With built-in radio transceivers, they are super easy to use!

Interested in more information about our photography services. Feel free to contact us today! We would love to chat with you!

A flat lay image of whats in my camera bag including rolls of film a light meter and notebook with pen photo

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