Top Tips For A Rainy Wedding Day

Rainy Wedding Day Couple Under Umbrellas Photo Rainy Wedding Day

Thinking that you may have a Rainy Wedding Day? We have encountered many rainy wedding days. We have some tips and tricks for when you anticipate rain on your wedding day.

  • Allow plenty of extra time in your timeline. Building in 10 minutes here and there helps with the stress of the day.
  • Rent a tent – something your venue may be able to provide last-minute if it’s needed. And a good question to ask upon booking.
  • If there is even a hint of rain in the forecast its best to plan as if it will be downpouring all day. Prepare, and that way you are not disappointed.
  • Confirm with all your vendors about a rain plan when booking and again a few weeks in advance. The most important thing is to make sure you have hired a group of vendors who will work with you on your wedding day. Make sure you read their contracts. Say for instance you hire a string quartet that won’t play in any amount of dampness. Make sure you are aware of their refund policy if they cannot accommodate your day.
  • Have umbrellas on hand, one for each member of your bridal party at least.
  • Make sure there are covered options or indoor options for your wedding photos and make a plan with your photographer on how they will handle the rain.
  • Provide towels and a warm environment for your guests if rain is inevitable.
  • Be practical with your hair and makeup and consult your glam squad on what will work best with the rainy day.

Set The Tone

And finally, you will set the tone for your own wedding. It’s okay to be upset, but shake it off. Having a great attitude and mood about the rain will help your guests be upbeat and positive too.

Rainy Wedding Day Bridal Party Under Umbrellas Photo Rainy Wedding Day Couple Under Umbrella Photo Rainy Wedding Day Couple Nose to Nose Under Umbrella Photo Rainy Wedding Day Couple Under Umbrella Walking Photo

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