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Meet the McSweens

A get it done lady, a list maker, a planner, and can do just about anything. She is a homeschooling mama to our three littles, which may be the reason for her slight iced coffee addiction. I make fun of her all the time for ordering the same thing everywhere we go, but she is faithful and knows what she wants, she’s a wonderful wife and loyal friend.

Mr. Steady, you can always count on him to do what he says, that is if he remembers, but that is what I am here for, right? He is an expert fort builder and amateur wrestler of our three ankle biters. He loves to Rock climb, and doing anything that gets him outside. He likes to read, laugh hard, and is by far the best person I know.



I (Tanya) was in middle school when I found my grandfather's Canon AE-1, and the dream was sparked. From the moment I put film in that camera I was hooked. I worked for a sports photography company all through high school and college. After graduating with a fine arts degree in 2007, Harry and I were married on a perfect fall day. In 2010, a dream became a reality when Harry and I teamed up to start McSween Photography. I tease that, I like to be the art director while he keeps everything technically sounds, but in all honesty we make the perfect team! We are based in the North Carolina Mountains and love to travel. A part from photography we love the outdoors, adventures, are avid coffee drinkers and parents to our three little ones. We love people, getting to know their stories, and investing our time and energy creating images that our couples and families will cherish forever. We have been truly blessed by this business. I could never have imaged eight years ago that we would be where we are now.  Photographing the lives of our Clients is a life-giving job that I’m so thankful for! And I get to do this with the greatest person I know, my husband.

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