Top Tips For Staying Cool During Summer Weddings

August 23, 2019

Staying Cool During Summer Weddings Refreshing Drinks Photo Staying Cool During Summer Weddings

If you are planning a summer wedding these are some tips for keeping your guests happy and staying cool during summer weddings while you tie the knot.

  • Relax the dress code, allow your guests to dress more casual, instead of black tie, suggest a shirt and tie and for the ladies long flowy dresses.
  •  Choose a flowy bridal gown for yourself as well, a lightweight dress can carry you into the evening without getting too hot.
  • Another option would be to change it to a short dress you can dance the night away in.
  • Stay away from liquid makeup it will run with your sweat and wear your hair up.
  • Talk to your florist about what flowers hold up better in the heat and go with more durable blooms.
  • As you guests arrive and make their way to there seats for the ceremony, make sure they have a beverage.
    • Make it refreshing, think citrus.
  • Provide things that your guests may have forgotten like sunscreen, fans, sunglasses, etc.
  • Use natural shade, scout out your venue beforehand. See if there a shaded spot and when the best time of day for your ceremony would be.
  • Create sweat survival kits for your bridal party, with things like sunscreen, deodorant, and sweat blotters.
  • For your reception have an option where you guests can go inside where there is air conditioning, where they can get a reprieve from the heat.
  • You may also want to consider fans for your dance floor if you are hosting your entire event outside.
  • And a personal favorite is to pack a cooler full with damp washcloths so that throughout the day you can have a bit of relief from the heat with a cool towel, especially during photographs.

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Staying Cool During Summer Weddings Refreshing Drinks and Couple Toasting Photos

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