Intimate Pre-Wedding Black and White Portraits

March 16, 2020

Black and White Of Couple Snuggling Photo

Pre-Wedding Black and White Portraits

There is nothing as beautiful and classic as black and white portraits. Then take it even further, shooting on black and white film! Ahhh! So gorgeous! The film grain and simplicity become artistry. I love shooting black and white film because of the timelessness it exudes. I recall all my grandfather’s photos and nostalgia just floods in. There are not any distractions when it comes to black and white either. It helps us to see the composition and lighting of the image right away. The number one reason I shoot specifically these more intimate sessions on black and white film is that I think it helps tell an emotional story a little better than color. The mood is more intense. You instantly see the couple’s connection.

A Great Addition

Getting married is one of the most special times of your life. Adding a session to your wedding package to capture the deep intimacy you have with the partner you are choosing for life speaks volumes. Timeless treasures captured of the bond and commitment you share make the time even more special. I love these sessions because it’s just the two of you…no where to be, no rush. We don’t just shoot black and white film during these sessions. We also know the moments on wedding days that lend themselves to be more powerful and breathtaking in black and white. Our desire in photographing our clients in black and white is that you walk away with heirlooms you will treasure for life. See more from our time with Avonlea and Brennen here.

Black and White Portraits Of Couple Snuggling And Smiling Black and White of Couple Snuggling and Hugging Photos Black And White Photo Of Couple Holding Hands Photo Black And White Of Couple Snuggling and Looking At Camera PhotoBlack And White Of Couple Snuggling In Bed Photo Black and White Of Couple Hugging In Airstream Bed Photos Black and White Portraits Of Couple In Airstream Black And White Photos of Bride and Groom Snuggling Couple Snuggling On Bed In Airstream Photo Black and White Portraits Of Couple Snuggling PhotosBlack and White Portraits Of Couple Snuggling In Airstream PhotoBlack and White of Couple Nose To Nose About To Kiss Photo Black and White Portraits Of Couple Snuggling Photos

Interested in adding an extra photo session to the happiest time of your life? We’d love to chat with you about all the options. Contact us today for more information and inspiring ideas.


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