8 Tips For Postponing Your Wedding

Postponing Your Wedding

Corona Virus, Covid 19, “Rona.” Call it what you like it’s wreaking havoc worldwide. What a time to be alive! (Insert eye roll here). I heard someone on a podcast today say that there has not really been an event in recent history like what we are facing now. When many of us look back at 2020 these current events will be a large chunk of what we remember. Especially Postponing Your Wedding.

In the wedding industry, things can look rather bleak right now. One by one our events are rescheduling to the fall or even 2021, and some even canceling. I do not envy my couples right now! All couples who have planned a spring or summer 2020 wedding are having a hard time navigating what to do next. In such a time of fluidity its hard to make these decisions. With the release of new information every day its hard to navigate just what to do.

But Really What Do I Do?

We feel your pain. And we want to be here for our couples and any couple that is looking for advice on the next steps. First things first, let’s dive into some encouragement:

  1. Don’t Panic! You will still get married and you will have an amazing day! (It may just be later than you thought).
  2. Do keep up to date with current guidelines for social distancing, especially within your state or country.
  3. Ask for help. Your friends and family would probably love to help with any stress you are under right now. Also, your wedding professionals are here with you and willing to help in any way they can!

And practically what you actually need to do when rescheduling your wedding:

  1. Contact your wedding planner, they will be able to help you navigate rescheduling and making sure your vendors are available for your new date.
  2. Come up with several alternate dates.
  3. Contact your must-have wedding vendors first. Probably your venue and your photographer. Then possibly your florist.
  4. Next whip out those contracts that you signed and find out what retainers and deposits are non-refundable and if they are transferrable to another date? Then start contacting your vendors to find out their policies and if they will work with you?
  5. Send out change of date cards or invitations to get a new headcount for your wedding.

Pretty soon you will be well on your way to getting everything rescheduled to a new date. Now relax and know it’s all going to be okay!

When To Postpone?

MARCH & APRIL weddings – Postpone

MAY weddings – You could wait to see what happens next, but chances are you need to reschedule. It will be tough to get anything done now that many places are closed until mid to late May.

JUNE weddings – continue to monitor closely and for now, just wait. It’s hard not to act but no one can predict what is coming so I would say monitor until April 1st then start making plans to move forward or reschedule.

JULY & AUGUST weddings –  For now we would not worry about these dates, and fell these will be good to go. But still keep your eye on whats going on with the virus.

One last thing: If you have not hired all your vendors for a fall 2020 wedding now is the time. With so many postponements dates will go super fast. So we suggest you get in touch with those vendors soon.


We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns about your wedding day and how this pandemic is affecting your wedding plans.

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