Walnut Street Bridge Chattanooga Proposal – Austin and Caroline

Chattanooga Proposal Austin down on one knee proposing on Walnut Street Bridge Photo

Chattanooga Proposal on Walnut Street Bridge

Let me tell you guys a sweet little story about this Chattanooga proposal. Caroline and I met working together on an editorial wedding shoot in Asheville, North Carolina. Her boyfriend Austin at the time (now fiance) was looking for a photographer to capture their proposal. Of course, I said yes, but had to keep quiet as to not Caroline know what was happening. Isn’t so fun to be privy to a surprise!?

So Harry and I made our way out to Chattanooga. Austin wanted to propose in one of Caroline’s favorite spots on the Walnut Street Bridge. It was a little tricky to not be seen because Caroline knew me. Harry to the end of the bridge to scope out when they started to walk our way. It was perfect Caroline had no idea we were even there until after Austin popped the question!

And y’all let me tell you Austin got this one perfect: favorite place, got a photographer, and another surprise he invited their closest friends and family to congratulate them on the bridge afterward. I just love Caroline’s reaction when she Facetimes her mom and sister to show them the ring and realizes they are on the bridge. What a sweet time where they got to hug their family and close friends and be congratulated. It was so fun and we are so honored to get to be a part of such special moments!

Enjoy some of our favorite images from Austin and Caroline’s super sweet proposal.Chattanooga Proposal Caroline pointing at a boat photo Chattanooga Proposal Black and White of Austin on one knee PhotosChattanooga Proposal Austin Smiling Big Giving Caroline her Ring Photo Chattanooga Proposal Couple Kissing and Guy Proposing Photos Chattanooga Proposal Couple Hugging on Walnut Street Bridge Photo Chattanooga Proposal Caroline crying wiping tears Photo Chattanooga Proposal Caroline Smiling big and Austin Proposing Photos Chattanooga Proposal Caroline showing off her ring to her family on Facetime Photos Chattanooga Proposal Caroline Realizing her family was there Photos Chattanooga Proposal Couple Hugging Photo Chattanooga Proposal Couple Walking holding hands on Walnut street bridge Photo Chattanooga Proposal Couple hugging family Photos Chattanooga Proposal Caroline Showing off ring Photo Chattanooga Proposal Couple Hugging Friends Photos Chattanooga Proposal Group Photo of couple kissing and everyone cheering Photo Chattanooga Proposal Couple smiling at camera on Walnut Street Bridge and Detail of Bridge Photos Chattanooga Proposal Couple Smiling at camera on Walnut Street Bridge PhotoChattanooga Proposal Couple Smiling at Camera and Holding Hands with Ring Showing PhotosChattanooga Proposal Couple Smiling at Camera on Bridge and detail of ring PhotosChattanooga Proposal Couple holding hands with ring showing PhotoChattanooga Proposal Couple hugging and black and white of couple nose to nose Photos Chattanooga Proposal Couple walking on Walnut Street Bridge Photo Chattanooga Proposal Couple Hugging and Detail of Bridge PhotosChattanooga Proposal Boat going under bridge PhotoChattanooga Proposal Black and White of Couple Snuggling and couple Kissing on Bridge PhotosChattanooga Proposal Couple Holding hands and smiling at camera PhotosChattanooga Proposal Couple hugging and walking on bridge PhotosChattanooga Proposal Couple Hugging Smiling at camera PhotoChattanooga Proposal Couple walking holding hands and couple smiling Photos Chattanooga Proposal Walnut Street Bridge People blurry walking by Photo

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