Top Tips To Hiring A Wedding Calligrapher

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Hiring A Wedding Calligrapher

Are you thinking about hiring a Wedding Calligrapher? Not sure where to start with planning your wedding invitations? We chatted with Bethany from Joy Unscripted. An amazing Wedding Calligrapher in Asheville, North Carolina.

What does a couple need to know before booking you?

Get excited, and reach out EARLY! The invitation design process can be long and stationers’ schedules can fill up quickly, but everything should be fun and easy on their end! I have questionnaires, forms and templates to make everything as smooth as possible to get all of the information I need. And most importantly, don’t get boxed in by what you see other people do!!
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What are your top tips for couples about stationery for their wedding?

  • Have the basic colors in mind for your wedding, but more so, think about the kind of atmosphere you want! Invitation suites are the first real glimpse your guests get into your day/weekend, and you want them to be excited, but also know what to expect once they arrive! Basically, we’re making the prettiest information guide we possibly can!! 
  • I always recommend ordering 5-10 extras / as keepsakes, when someone ‘loses’ one, when the mail loses one when you forgot great Aunt Sally on your address list… it happens!!
  • In terms of the services I offer… the artwork and calligraphy are attention-grabbing and why my clients want to work with me, but I often hear how grateful my clients were for the full assembly option!! Typically your invitation suites are getting mailed around the time you’re having to make some other pretty crucial decisions… having me put everything all together (especially when wax seals are involved) and mailed out directly to your guests can be a huge stress relief! Some people think DIY means they get to see everything, but I always mail a complete set to the couple just like they’re a guest so they get the full experience!!
  • Not all calligraphers are stationers, and not all stationers are calligraphers. I happen to be BOTH… which means that you can have matching/coordinating suite and day-of pieces! My calligraphy and/or my artwork can be used for things like place cards, menus, programs, signature drink cocktails, etc! 

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What is your favorite invitation style?

The style that perfectly matches the couple it’s for! Haha, that’s cheating I guess… personally I love simple invitations that use colored pieces! My favorite combo would be:
  • White or colored ink on at least one, if not multiple colored insert cards
    I love when the text color is a ‘darker’ version of the card color too
    with muted or even blind background artwork
  • Coordinating artwork printed on the back of the envelope
  • Envelope calligraphy on the front for guest names and addresses
  • If they have the budget then either a wax seal and/or envelope liner based on the overall style

What is your favorite color palette?

This is tough, as I have favorite colors for every ‘style’ of the suite… I think colors really play into the overall feel and love playing with the different combinations! If I had to pick though, I really love bright colors and would LOVE to design a suite with lots of bold chunky colors that are layered together for an overall look!
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How long have you been a stationer?

A stationer, only about 1-2 years I would say, although I probably didn’t start referring to myself or marketing that way until recently. I started out as a ‘hand-letterer’ doing mainly custom signage for home decor! This quickly transitioned to Wedding Signage (huge shoutout to Candace Hightower of Mingle Events for getting me involved at Engaged Asheville), and things have grown from there. My hand-lettering turned to pointed pen calligraphy, which I still offer for day-of pieces (place cards, menus, etc) and envelope calligraphy! And my wedding signage expanded to large scale artwork pieces for venues like Chestnut Ridge and Honeysuckle Hill.
The stationery side really came to life from my love of design! Although my engineering degree was medical in nature, I love how pieces of a project come together, and I think this fits in really well with stationery. My main job is really more of a coordinator/puzzle assembler! Bringing together the likes and desires of the couple, with the multiple printing styles. I love how ‘the same’ information can be expressed so differently from couple to couple! Plus, I’m a HUGE fan of keepsakes, traditions, and family heirlooms… how cool to have gorgeous paper stationery that can be saved and shared!

If you could give couples any advice what would it be?

Don’t stress out about invitations, I’m here to help!! And if you’re unsure about something, or don’t know what ‘fits’ best, that’s okay! I love what I do and especially love when my clients trust me throughout the entire process. I’m happy to make suggestions and often hear “have fun, we know it will turn out great!”
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What is something you wish brides knew when they come to you?

Having custom invitations designed is a special process, and a totally different world from Minted… and so is the investment. I have a lot of detailed information in my new website including average costs, a brand new 2020/2021 Stationery Guide, FAQ pages and more, but I value communication with my (prospective) clients and always being available via email to answer any questions!!

Oh, and most people forget to factor in postage for invitations! This is likely ~$1.50/set!!

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