Top Tips From Asheville NC Wedding Planners

May 6, 2020

Tips From Asheville NC Wedding Planners – Mingle Events

We got to talk with the gals from one of our favorite wedding planning teams in Asheville, NC, Mingle Events! The lead planner and owner of Mingle, Candace Hightower, has been a wedding planner for 10 years. We asked the Mingle team a few of our burning wedding questions about couples hiring wedding planners for their big day. Wanting to know all about why its a good idea to hire a wedding planner and some tips for working with your planner. So here it is, all you need to know from Asheville NC Wedding Planners, Mingle Events.

What does a wedding planner do on the wedding day?

Your planner serves as your go-to vendor contact on the day of your wedding. They will be working with you and to make sure that all your wishes are met. Directing all questions on the wedding day takes all the pressure off the couple! This means no one will be bothering you with things such as “Where do you want the DJ to set up?” or “Are these plates meant for cake or appetizers?” We want you to be able to completely relax! This is your day! Leave the details to the professionals and soak in every single moment! You don’t have to worry about coming early and setting up the personal decor. You hand it off to us and we handle the placement as well as clean up at the end of the night.

On the wedding day, we follow a timeline (approved by you). This ensures everything happens on time and without a hitch. You don’t have to be checking your watch or worrying things are not happening when they should! We connect with all vendors before the wedding and make sure they are aware of their arrival time as well as their role throughout the day!

What is your favorite color pallet to work with?

We love a classic neutral color pallet- white, blush, touches of green. And we love to see our clients get creative and do something a little different! Fun bold colors, funky textures within bouquets, mismatched bridesmaid dresses… It is your wedding! You don’t have to be confined to what is traditional or common… what speaks to you and your unique style and personality?

What are your top tips for couples about hiring a planner?

We always find it so beneficial to have initial phone calls with potential couples. You can see our Instagram, read our reviews, and check out our website to get a taste of who we are as a company but talking on the phone allows us to get to know each other a little better! We truly care about getting to know our couples. Where they are from, how they met, what made them choose Western North Carolina to get married? We want to know it all! This also allows them to ask us any questions they might have about our packages and which one might be the best one for them based on their specific needs!

What would you want a couple to know before booking you?

Couples need to make sure they are compatible with your wedding planner! This is the person who is going to be your “wedding bestie” and go to gal over the next several months! We are a sounding board for trouble with family dynamics, the ones who check all the boxes, and the one who runs your big day from start to finish! To us, you are more than just another client! We work so closely with our couples that they become family. Even after your wedding, you will find that The Mingle ladies are still your biggest cheerleaders through life’s big moments such as buying your first home, having your first baby, or getting that promotion you always wanted.

Are you looking for a wedding planner for your Asheville NC wedding? Look no further than Mingle Events these gals are amazing! And if you are looking for wedding photography in Asheville, NC contact us today we’d love to hear all about your big day!

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