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Bride Twirling in Green Wedding Dress Photo

Can we say the days of a white wedding gown are gone…far from it! But we do love what we are seeing when brides choose to go a new bold way! There are so many ways to express your personality and style on your wedding day. Your choice of gown is no different in that it showcases your personal taste. Choosing a colorful gown can be quite a statement, but we are here for it girl! From fluffy numbers like this one to sleeker more modern takes on the colored wedding dress, they are all gorgeous in our book. And this Green Wedding Dress might be one of our favorites!

A Fluffy Green Number!

Get your Pinterest Board fired up and ready to go because today’s blog post look is to die for! We absolutely swoon over a colorful wedding gown. And this gorgeous Green Wedding Dress is from Styled Gowns, a colorful editorial gown collection by Styled Shoots Across America. Wow, is what comes to mind with all these frilly layers that create a sumptuous dramatic look full of texture. And the play on all the textures with the florals and location, yes, please! The location being The Providence Cotton Mill near Charlotte, North Carolina was perfect with all the textured walls. We are loving the texture of the walls here at the Mill that play so well with the textures of the florals and of course the Green Wedding Dress.

If you are looking for something so unique and individual for your wedding day then you might want to consider a colorful wedding dress. And if you love tulle and are looking for something out of the ordinary you are in for a treat today! Today’s gorgeous green wedding dress paired in perfection with our model Anna’s eyes. Right along with her red locks all put up in a flawless bun. We took Anna all around The Providence Cotton Mill capturing this gorgeous look. From sitting in an open-air arched window with a lot of drama; to tiptoeing and prancing about to spinning until we got dizzy. You have to get movement in this gown, it was just a must!

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Bride walking in Green Wedding Dress in between windows photo Bride in Green Wedding Dress Looking off with hand on Chest Photo Detail of Bride in Green Wedding Dress Bodice Photo Bride in Green Wedding Dress Photos Bride in Green Wedding Dress Looking at Camera Photo Bride in Green Wedding Dress Sitting in Window Opening Photo Bride walking in Green Wedding Dress Photo Bride In Green Wedding Dress in front of doors and flowers and detail of hands holding green dress photos Bride with hand on Chest looking at camera Photo Bride Looking at Camera with Fist Under Chin Photo Bride in Green Wedding Dress Spinning Photo

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