How to Choose Your Signature Wedding Cocktails

May 24, 2020

Pink and Orange Cocktails on Gold Tray Photo

When it comes to alcohol for your wedding there are several choices that can be made. You can have an open bar, but this can get pricy. You could have just beer and wine. But a happy medium for most couples is having a selection of beer and wine and a few signature cocktails. Signature wedding cocktails are a fun way to a personal touch to your wedding reception and save a few dollars. You’ll want your signature wedding cocktails to represent your personalities as they will be an expression of you and your partner as a couple. It could be your all-time favorite drink, fun memory of your first date, or a nod to your wedding theme.

To Start – choose your preferred Liquor for your Signature Wedding Cocktails

Everyone generally has a preferred liquor, Tequila, Bourbon, Scotch, Vodka, Gin or Rum. You can start by choosing one or two of these if you and your spouse have different preferences, you can have two cocktails and serve his and hers. Making them colorful can help with integrating the cocktail(s) to your theme and add a pop of color to your reception. Also having them be on theme for your wedding is a good idea too. If you are having a classy event think something with champagne. Celebrating at the beach, think fruity and tropical. And keep it local. Think about the state and region and what flavors are local to the area.

We suggest starting to figure out your signature wedding cocktails around six months before your wedding. Allowing for time to do your research and find a drink you love. In the months leading up to your wedding when you head out to dinner try some new cocktails and see what your options might be. You might also consider hiring a mixologist to help you narrow down your choices. Test your favorites on your friends. Have some of your favorite people over and have them give you their honest opinion. But not too many voices or it can take away from the signature wedding cocktail being authentically you.

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