Wedding Cake Inspiration

Wedding Cake Inspiration Tuscan Inspired White Cake with Olive Branches Photo

Wedding Cake Inspiration

We have photographed some really gorgeous cakes recently so we wanted to write a post about Wedding Cake Inspiration and some tips for choosing your wedding cake or desserts. While we know everyone wants a beautiful wedding cake there are many decisions you will have to make about it besides just how it looks. You will want your cake to fit the theme of your wedding so we have included some pretty inspiration pictures for you to scroll through. But there are a few other things to consider, cake flavor, frosting flavor, how many guests your cake will need to feed, etc. So here are some tips for helping you choose:

It’s All About Flavor

Okay so first things first, you can have a knock out gorgeous cake, but if it does not taste good then no matter how pretty it is it will be an epic fail. I think above all you want it to taste good. So, start with flavors both you and your fiance like, then you can narrow it down from there. Have a conversation and make a list. Second, don’t worry about what everyone else likes, just focus on what you like and it will make picking easier. You won’t be able to please everyone who attends your wedding so go with what you like and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks.

Believe it or not frosting plays a big role in your wedding cake too. Buttercream, ganache, cream cheese, or fondant are all options you have to choose from and all have different flavors and textures. Don’t forget to factor in what you like and things like fillings. You can have a chocolate filling or strawberry jam filling.  Ultimately you are going to want to have a tasting and that’s where choosing a bakery comes in.

Get Recommendations

If you have been to a wedding recently where you loved the wedding cake, ask your friend who their baker was, or ask your planner or venue to refer some great bakeries to you. There is something to be said for a pretty cake, and even more so for one that tastes better than it looks.

Once you find a baker you’d like to work with scheduling a tasting with that baker will be a great place to start. If you and your fiance are having a hard time deciding you can ask your baker for some recommendations or popular choices. Opting for something simple like white cake with vanilla frosting might be the way to go. Or opting for different cake on each layer. Your baker can also recommend pairings that go well together.

If cake just isn’t your thing it’s okay to skip cake and go with what you like. If you want to go with pies, donuts, or offering a whole dessert bar with many options, that’s a great choice too! The main thing we want you to be inspired by for your wedding cake or dessert is choosing what you like most.

Textured square four tier cake photo Minimal White Cake with Dried Flowers Photo Detail of Minimal White Cake with Dried Flowers Photo Rustic Orange and white textured cake with White Roses Photo White Cake with Pink and Red Flowers Photo Small Light Blue Cake With Buttercream Flowers Photo Detail of Small Light Blue Cake With Buttercream Flowers Photo Wedding Cake Inspiration Yellow Cake with Flowers Photo Wedding Cake Inspiration Classic White Cake with White Roses Photo White Wedding Cake with Ruffle and Red and Pink Flowers Photo Detail of White Wedding Cake with Ruffle and Red and Pink Flowers Photo White Wedding Cake with Pink Flowers Photo White Wedding Cake with Green Flowers Photo

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