A Mom Togs Top Tips For Photographing Children

Little Girl in Purple Flowers Photo

As a mom photographer, I have picked up a few tips and tricks on Photographing Children. And make it fun! So today on the blog we are chatting about our top ways to photograph children.

  1. Keep it fun – this is my number one tip for Photographing Children. If a kid thinks your fun, you will be able to keep their attention the whole shoot. So keeping a red nose or fart machine handy can do wonders. Also improvising with sneezing a leaf off your head.
  2. Keep it short – Let the parents know before the shoot that the shorter the shoot the better. If it is an hour-long session make sure you get mom’s must-haves first. Then end the shoot with lots of games and running around to keep them interested.
  3. Jokes – It never hurts to crack a few jokes! My personal favorite is asking kids to say, “boogers,” then “booger pizza,” and lastly, “Ewe you like booger pizza”. There are tons of kid jokes you can put in your arsenal.
  4. Pose First – Get those posed images out of the way. Then get to the images that are more fun with more movement.
  5. Catch Them Candidly – If posing the kids your working with just is not working letting them run and play. Capturing them candidly is your next best bet.
  6. Have Something Fun To Do – Bring along something like bubbles to play with. Something fun will ensure your chances they won’t run the next time you pull out the camera.
  7. Read a book – Cozying up and reading a book provides a perfect moment for your kids to be still. Then you can capture a few moments of stillness.
  8. Reverse Psychology – One thing toddlers love to do is something you tell them not to. So telling them, “don’t smile, don’t you do it” might elicit a few smiles.
  9. Prepare – Preparing is a must! If it’s hot or cold outside your kids won’t be happy or do well. Make sure they get a snack and they have had sleep before you start photographing them.
  10. Pivot – When things are not going like planned change course. If you are trying to get a specific shot and the kids are just not into it then pivot. Go with the flow and don’t force things.

 Photographing Children Kids Laughing in Flowers Photos Photographing Children Little Girl Smiling at Camera Photo Photographing Children Sisters Hugging and Laughing Photo Little Girl in Flowers Looking Off Photo Little Girl With a Sweet Smile in Overalls Photo Little Girl Looking at Camera Photo Little Girl in Overalls Laughing in Flowers Photo Little Boy on Bench Laughing Photo Little girl in Purple Flowers Smiling Photo Little Boy with Sisters Smiling at Camera Photos Little Girl Looking at the Ground Photo Photographing Children Little Boy on Bench Smiling at Camera Photo Siblings Sitting on Bench Smiling Photo Little Girl in Overalls Sitting on Bench Photo Brother and Two Sisters Smiling at Camera on Bench Photo Little Girl Laughing Photo Brother and Two Sisters Sitting On Bench Laughing Photo Little Girl Smiling at Camera Photo Photographing Children Little Girl Smiling in Overalls Photo Little Girl Smiling Photo Little Girl with Pigtails Photo Little Girl in Pigtails and Overalls in Garden Photo Little Boy Sitting on Bench Laughing Photo Little Girl In Overalls and Pigtails Laughing at Camera Photo Little Boy with Arms Crossed Laughing Photo

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