5 Reasons You Should Do A First Look

Bride and Groom Smiling together holding hands during their first look at their wedding Photo

Maybe you have heard the buzz words “first look” as you have started planning your wedding. But what exactly is a first look?  A first look is a moment the bride and groom share before the ceremony for the first time. Unlike traditional weddings when the groom sees the bride during the ceremony. It’s becoming increasingly more popular to see each other before the ceremony for a number of reasons.

We have been photographing weddings for more than 11 years. We have seen time and time again when couples choose to share a first look wedding timelines go smoother. Now being that we are photographers we are a bit bias in making photography a priority. But our clients are also our priority and we want to make sure they know all their options. We advocate big for our couple’s wishes and will make any timeline work, so if after knowing all your options and still want to go with a traditional timeline we are all for that.

But hear us out first. Here are our top five reasons why we suggest all our couples consider a first look.

Get uninterrupted alone time together

Your wedding day will fly by and we are not just saying that. From the time you start getting ready the list of events starts rolling and it will go by fast. You will be surrounded the entire day by people you love. From getting ready and walking down the aisle, to your reception, you are constantly surrounded by other people. Unless you make that alone time happen. A first look is a perfect way to get that time.

Calm your wedding nerves.

As you put your dress or suit on you can feel the nerves welling up. But instead of having this moment in front of 200 guests, having it in private can allow you to feel all the emotions. Here you get all those jitters out and feel ready and relaxed for the ceremony.

The feelings don’t go away.

Some people fear that if they do a first look the ceremony won’t be as special. There are many times we have seen a groom tear up as his bride is walking down the aisle just moments after they did the first look. Seeing each other before the ceremony does not diminish the emotion you will feel moments before you are married.

More photos!

Who doesn’t want more photos? We are bit bias here as well. But along with more photo opportunities, weddings can be unpredictable and if something unpredictable presents itself you’ll be glad you had those portraits beforehand.

Spend more time with your guests.

A first look helps the newlyweds get to their cocktail hour, which most couples miss because they are taking photos. When a first look is done there is an opportunity to take all the wedding party and parents’ photos beforehand. This minimizes the need for an overload of photos afterward and gives you more time to enjoy with your guests.

So, whether or not we have convinced you to have a first look, now you have all the facts you need to make a decision. And we are here to help your vision for your wedding day come alive no matter what you choose.   

Bride and Groom Sharing First Look At Their Wedding Photo

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