10 Fun Ways To Reconnect With Your Spouse

Couple hugging and smiling at each other in a greenhouse photo

You can start super easy, walk out your back door and chuck your phone as far as you possibly can. Okay, okay in all seriousness, the first thing you can do is put your phone down. People automatically feel a disconnect even if they see your phone in your hand whether or not you are on it. So, if you want to be intentional to Reconnect With Your Spouse then get off your phone. Put it somewhere you’ll forget about it.

Here are some simple ways you can reconnect with your spouse:

  1. Laugh together – don’t take things too seriously and try to lighten the mood by goofing around and telling jokes. This is the number one way my husband and I connect is through laughing with each other. Even if he is laughing at me.
  2. Hugging and kissing each other. This one is tough for me, I am not a touchy-feely kind of gal, but hugs make everyone feel better.
  3. Making a daily habit of exercising together. Running, jogging, walking, doing a workout, whatever you choose to help each other set and achieve health goals is great for bonding together.
  4. Read the same book. Plan to read the same chapter by a certain date and time and then have fun discussing what you thought about the chapter.
  5. Make a point to ask deeper questions when you talk about your day and how it went. That way you can connect on a deeper level and feel more connected because its more than surface talk.
  6. Cooking and eating together. Any meal of the day. Working on a simple thing like a meal together and enjoying it is a great way to connect with your spouse.
  7. Find creative ways to let them know you appreciate them. Write notes on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker, leave funny notes on the frig, pack a note in his/her lunch.
  8. Do chores together. Laundry, cleaning, etc. goes much faster with more hands and once your done reward yourselves with something you enjoy.
  9. Play games together. Board games, card games, charades, even making a scavenger hunt for your partner can be a fun way to connect.
  10. Surprise them with something little. Flowers, notes, their favorite candy or drink are great ways to remind them you are thinking of them.

These are just 10 simple things, but once you start thinking this way you can get so creative with this. Are you looking for a photographer for your wedding, engagement, or anniversary? We’d love to connect with you.

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