Why We Love Photographing Weddings!

After photographing weddings for 11 years we often get asked, “why weddings?” Most folks refer to the fact that weddings are stressful and have so many working parts. However, they cannot understand why we would want to keep documenting these stressful days. So I thought I’d take some time to explain our why. Why we love taking photos of weddings.

Hands down we love photographing weddings because of the PEOPLE! And I know what you are thinking. What a cliché! But for real we love this business and weddings because of the people.

What people?

Let’s start with the obvious. Our couples are sincerely amazing humans. And just like our mission statement reads, we believe in love! and we believe in you! So certainly our couples are our number one reason! We love celebrating a commitment made between two people to love and honor each other for the rest of their lives. And we love seeing our couples’ personalities shine through the celebrations they create. Sharing with their family and friends on one of the biggest days of their lives.

Bride and Groom Hugging and Laughing Photo

Second, wedding vendors are some of the best people on earth. Truly after 11 years in this industry and recently going through a huge strain on the wedding industry, I can 100 percent say that wedding vendors are among the best. We have worked with many vendors over the years and built some of the sweetest relationships! Vendors like planners, stylists, venues, florists, makeup artists, and more that have one thing in common, our clients! And that one thing that drives us to serve those clients to the best of our ability to make their wedding day a day of their dreams!

Leah Milan Makeup touching up our bride on stairs photo

Other Photographers! Yep, that’s right, we love when we get to meet and hang out with people who love the same thing we do! There is a comradery amongst fellow photographers that when we meet together it brings so much encouragement. Whether it be at a conference or online community we love connecting with fellow photographers.

Its In The Details….

So while we love all the pretty things, the details, the shoes, the flowers, the dress, the venues, ect…ultimately all those things represent the people who are making the commitment. And more than the details we love the story behind all the details that make our couples so unique and different.

So with all that said, it all comes down to the people. Even our little people at home! We love that our little people see our hearts and passion that go into every wedding. And we love that our job brings freedom to make our own schedules and be our own boss. So we can also have time with our favorite people of all.

Black and White of three kids sitting on a dock, brother with two sisters photo
McSween Photography's Harry and Tanya McSween Holding hands Walking toward the camera at the Biltmore photo

Thanks for reading, we hope in your trade and calling that you love what you do as well. And if you are looking for a wedding photographer we’d love to chat with you more about your gorgeous wedding day!

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