Wedding Makeup Tips For Looking Fresh All Day

May 5, 2020

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Wedding Makeup Tips

We chatted with Leah Milan of Leah Milan Makeup today about her pro Wedding Makeup Tips for all brides. Leah is a Western NC based professional makeup artist. Her distinguished style is true to her love for natural glam. With over a decade of experience, and her genuine love for her brides Leah is one of the most sought after makeup artists in Western NC. She gives her brides her best friend experience as well as a luxurious, long-wear makeup application.

And today we are chatting about all things wedding makeup!

Leah says, “The biggest thing I want my brides to know is that I am in this with them. I am here for them and genuinely want to give the best friend experience. The other thing is that I want to make sure they still look like themselves.”

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What are your top tips for brides about makeup?

Skincare! Go ahead and start a routine about 6 months before. Something simple and manageable that focuses on clean skin and hydration. It’s a great idea to see an esthetician or dermatologist to help you make a plan. Also, a gentle, glowy facial about 2 weeks before is a great idea. My number one tip is to drink a LOT of water!

What are the ways a bride can keep her makeup looking fresh all day long?

All of my brides get a touch-up kit which has essentials like a little tube of glue, their lip color, mints, safety pins for just in case, all kinds of goodies. But mostly, hiring a professional who understands long-wear formulas and how to apply makeup in the right steps is key. I use airbrush makeup for many reasons, but the main one is that it doesn’t feel or look cakey and it lasts. It’s an extremely long-wear formula. Also, setting spray!

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What is your favorite makeup style?

I love the clean classic, feature enhancing makeup style! I work very hard to stay current on all the trends, but I still prefer to do makeup that brings out your best.

What is your favorite color pallet and how long have you been a makeup artist?

I love blush tones and rose golds, but really the color pallets that I choose are based on skin tone and enhancing eye color. I have been a makeup artist for 13 years. I love my craft and profession, and I love that I am able to support my boys using my artistry!

The advice I would give to all brides is to invest in hiring a professional. We know what looks best, we know how your makeup will look in photography and how to make it last all evening. And make sure you do a consult or trial run, knowing your face and what look you are wanting helps your whole day a lot smoother!

I just love Leah! If you are a bride looking for a makeup artist in the Asheville area you can    to contact Leah today!

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