Seven Wedding Cake Ideas to Consider for Your Reception

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Palette Painted Wedding Cake with Pink and Red Flowers Photo

Wedding cake! When it comes to wedding cakes there are so many choices these days. First, you need to decide what the outside will look like, how many tiers, and what shape? Then there’s the inside what flavor, do we want different flavors per tier? Do I even want a cake? What about other desserts? Wait, hold up! We are going to stick with cake on this post. Haha. So we have teamed up with Natalie of Cake Envy for some pretty amazing Wedding Cake Ideas.

First up is a Tuscan Inspired Bas Relief cake with a lot of texture. The beauty of a Bas Relief cake like this is that there is no need for further embellishment. It’s stunning as is.

Four Tiered Tuscan Inspired Bas Relief Cake Photo Tuscan Inspired Bas Relief Cake Photos

Next we have another Bas Relief Cake that is off white with a lot of texture and gold leafing. Again, it’s just beautiful all by itself.

Wedding Cake Ideas Three Tier Cake with Bas Relief and Gold Leafing Photo Three Tier Bas Relief Cake with Gold Leafing Photos

This cake is unique in that it has two square base layers and two round top layers. A four-tier stunner that bodes a lot of layering and stenciling with a fondant press.

Four Tier Large Cake With Flowers Photos Four Tier Large Cake With Flowers Photos

A little beauty I like to call white pearl is our next cake. This cake is on the fancier side and inspired by a bridal gown. Smaller cakes such as this one are perfect for more intimate celebrations.

Wedding Cake Ideas Small White Pearl Cake Photo Wedding Cake Ideas Small White Pearl Cake Photos

Natalie likes to call this cake the Rustic Groove Cake. It’s literally the most versatile cake design and is requested often. The beauty of this cake is it’s like a blank canvas that you can decorate however you like. In this instance, we used flowers as decor.

Wedding Cake Ideas White Cake with Flowers Photo Wedding Cake Ideas White Cake with Flowers Photo

The Crevasse Cake is up next! Natalie designed this cake because she loves flowers and wanted to create a cake where the flowers were the star. The cake also shows some gorgeous gold leafing on the sides.

Pink and Gold Crevasse Cake on White Pedestal Photo Large Pink Crevasse Cake with Pink Flowers photo

Lastly, but most definitely not least is a Palette Paint Cake that has become a signature style for Natalie and very popular among brides. While growing up Natalie loved to paint, so this cake feels very natural for her to create. Accompanied by three smaller individual cakes to match, such a gorgeous little trio.

Small Cake with Three Smaller Cakes on Pedestals With Painted Icing Flowers Photo Small White Cake with Painted Flowers and Paint Pallet with Icing Photos Three Small Cakes with Pink and Red Flowers on Small Pedestals Photo Small Cake on Pedestal and Up Close Detail Photos Small Cake with Red Flower Painted On Photo Small Cake with Red and Pink Flowers and Close Up of Cake Detail Photos

Trends and Advice

Chocolate Cake on Marble Board Photo

Now that we have seen all the pretty Wedding Cake Ideas, let’s chat about flavors! You will always have your traditional white, chocolate, or strawberry cakes. But with spring and summer approaching they call for light and fresh! We recommend lemon cake with raspberry mousse! Or a strawberries & cream cake (vanilla cake with fresh berries & white chocolate mousse). The options really are endless!

Dish Towel with Plates of Vanilla Cake with Blueberries Photo

For couples planning for their wedding cake, one thing Natalie always advises is to design the cake of your dreams! Go into your consultation as though the price is not an issue. Once the cake is designed they may be surprised!

Strawberry Cake on Plate with Vase of Seeded Eucalyptus Photo

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