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Hi there, we are Tanya and Harry, a husband and wife team that specializes in fine art film photography and providing timeless imagery for the contemporary couple.

Meet the McSweens

Celebrating their 20 year anniversary

Meet JC and Marghie, owners and operators of Morning Star Fiber in Andrews, NC. On July 19, they will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.  I have known JC and Marghie for about 18 years. They have been a true example of what it looks like to trust God and follow his leading. I am thankful to know and be a part of their Journey.

Words from Marghie:

20 years of two lives that became one and continue to fuse as the years pass. I hardly know how this is even possible that it’s been this long when I barely feel older than 30! When I was young I dreamt of a wedding. I could not see a face on my groom, but he loved me. He cried joy filled tears in my presence. Our union was going to be magical! And then I met the most amazing man that stepped into that blurred faced mirage I had always dreamed about, and became my reality.

Fast forward maybe a year into our marriage, and I overhear this dream man telling someone, “no it was not love at first sight, or even because we were ‘compatible’. God told me to marry her, so I obeyed.” My heart was crushed. I thought it was ME he was taken away with. I wanted a fairy tale romance. Not a, “God said so, so I had to.” How wrong and proud I was. Praise the Lord for choosing us for each other, and revealing that to us! I am so very grateful that God has allowed us to grow up together.

We now have a bird’s eye view and see all the extremely undeserved blessings and mercies of the Lord that he has lavished on us. Eight beautiful children, countless adventures, and God’s constant provision for us. But we can also see the valleys of the shadow of death he walked us through. Even the darkness is not dark to you; he night is bright as the day, for darkness is as light with you.” Psalm 139:12

Our years of walking with Jesus and journeying together with him, have allowed us to truly appreciate his grace and care for us. I’m so thankful for you JC. You are the compass in our marriage that always points us back to our True North, Jesus. Thank you for always doing whatever God tells you.