How To Have The Best Engagement Photos

How To Have The Best Engagement Photos Couple Snuggling Photo

Top Tips For Great Engagement Photos

So today we thought we would take a few minutes to talk about Engagement Photos. While not as important as your wedding day, engagement photos are a big part of the journey. You’ll want to document the days leading up to THE day. In this post, you will find our top tips on how to have the best engagement photos.

How To Have The Best Engagement Photos Couple At The Biltmore Gardens Holding Hands Smiling At Each Other PhotoCouple On Dock Smiling At Camera Holding Hands Photo

Picking Your Photographer

Every wedding photography package that we offer comes with a complimentary engagement session. We think getting to know your photographer before the wedding day is a pretty big deal. You can know a lot from a website or a phone call. But it does not compare to getting to do a session with them before one of the most important days of your life. So having some experience with your photographer is highly recommended. And we think the best way to do that is to do an engagement session together.

Couple Smiling At Each Other Hugging During Engagement Session PhotoHow To Have The Best Engagement Photos Couple Hugging Smiling At Each Other Photo

Picking Your Location

Pick a location that fits you as a couple. Do you love the beach? Then a sunset beach session might be right up your ally. Or do you like the buzz of the city? A fun city engagement session might be your choice. Are you an outdoorsy couple that loves hiking? Then a mountain top engagement session would be perfect. Thinking of a place that has more sentimental value can also be a good way to choose your perfect engagement session location. Where did you two first meet? Or the site of your proposal? Or just a place that you love to go together. These can be good choices for your engagement session locations. But above all, you want to pick a place that speaks to you as a couple and that fits in your story.

How To Have The Best Engagement Photos Couple Hugging At Biltmore Estate PhotoHow To Have The Best Downtown Asheville Engagement Photo

Picking Your Outfits

We often have our couples ask us for advice when it comes to what to wear for their engagement session. First, we recommend two outfits for your session. One that is more dressy and one on the more casual side. Two is a good number because you don’t want to cut into your session time, but enough for a good variety. But also having one outfit that you absolutely love is perfectly fine too, two outfits is not a must. Next, you’ll want to pick something that is timeless and classy. Nothing too trendy or graphic, sticking to neutral solid colors or classic patterns is your best bet. And make sure your patterns are on the larger side and not teeny tiny stripes or plaid. Technically cameras have a hard time with these small patterns because of the camera’s sensitivity to the different wavelengths of the light.

You’ll want your outfits to fit your personality and you will want to feel 100% comfortable in them. Also, try to stay away from matching and go for coordinating looks. Making sure you are equal in terms of how dressy or how casual you are. Considering your location is important as well. You don’t want to be on the beach or hiking up a mountain in stilettos. Don’t be afraid to accessorize, scarves, necklaces, etc…they add little pops of interest in your images.

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Don’t Overthink It!

Don’t overthink it! And don’t stress. With wedding planning being fairly overwhelming, your engagement session should not be. This is a time where you can relax as a couple and enjoy spending time together. Is your guy a little camera shy, or just doesn’t like taking photos? Prepping your groom, and showing him images of your photographers work beforehand can help him know what to expect. Asking for help when and where you need it is okay too. You can consult your photographer on what might look best if you are having a hard time figuring it out. Also having things like your hair and makeup done for you the day of your engagement session can take the stress off of having to do it yourself.

Couple Twirling At The Biltmore Estate Conservatory Photo How To Have The Best Engagement Photos Couple Smiling and Hugging Photo

Did you recently get engaged? And now you are starting all things wedding planning? The top two vendors most couples hire first are the venue and photographer. If you are ready to chat more about wedding photography. We are here for you. Contact us today to get the ball rolling.

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