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Wedding Photographer Near Me – What To Ask Before Booking

You’re engaged! It’s such an exciting time! So you have popped on google and typed Wedding Photographer Near Me. But before you keep searching, here are some questions every couple should ask photographers they are interested in hiring.

What is your style of photography?

Most photographers photograph in a blend of styles, whether its portraiture or candids. You will want to make sure what is important to you lines up with what your photographer’s style of shoot is.

How many weddings have you photographed?

You only get once chance at great wedding photos. So you will want to hire someone with experience. Hiring your college roommate may seem like a great idea, but you will want someone who knows how to get those great shots under pressure. You know if they have photographed 100s of weddings they will know exactly what to do to get your shots, especially when things don’t go as planned. Like rain. Make sure you check their website and Instagram pages to know what their work looks like.

Do you shoot both digital and film?

Most photographers choose digital photography as their medium, but there are some analog film shooters out there. If you love the dreamy soft quality of film photography, you will want to make sure your photographer has experience in shooting film. So you will want to know how many weddings they have photographed using film as their medium or how long they have been photographing weddings on film. If they do shoot film do they also photograph using digital?

If you shoot film, do you shoot both color and black and white? And what percentage of each do you shoot?

You will want to know how many photos to expect in color and black and white. And what percentage of each they shoot. If you are not interested in black and white images you will want to discuss this with your photographer, unlike digital images black and white film photos cannot be reverted to color. So you will want to know what you will get beforehand.

What is included in your packages?

When you start comparing pricing you will want to know what is included in the packages. Does your photographer include albums, prints, a second shooter, an engagement shoot? If not the costs can add up significantly. If you are inquiring with a film photographer keep in mind film and processing costs can be higher. A more experienced photographer that has been photographing weddings for a long time is going to be more expensive than someone who has been in business for a year or so. You’ll want to make sure you are comparing the same things.

How many hours of coverage? What is the charge for overtime?

Make sure you know what hours of coverage are included in your package. And what the hourly rate for the overage is. You will want to plan accordingly. Your photographer should be able to help you work through an estimated timeline for your day and give you an estimate of the hours needed for your day. Knowing the difference in hours between leaving after you cut the cake and after the last dance will be important.

What is the deposit fee and total fee?

You will want to make sure your deposit will be applied to the total fee. And you will want to know the timelines for when payments are due.

Will you be the actual photographer?

Some photographers have associate teams. You will want to ask your photographer if they have an associate team or if they will be the photographer shooting their wedding?

Do you have a backup photographer that will shoot if you’re sick?

A company with a team of photographers will have a built-in backup plan if your photographer is sick or has an emergency. Things happen, so if you are going with a solo photographer you will want to make sure they have colleagues that can step in, in case of an emergency.

Do you include a second shooter or assistant?

Having more than one photographer at your event can give you more perspectives of major moments of your day. This can cost more so you will want to be sure to check.

Will you coordinate with my videographer?

You will want to be sure that your photographer and videographer coordinate, but also stay out of each other’s way. When you hire your photographer you might ask for a suggestion of a videographer they like to work with.

How many weddings do you do on a weekend?

If your photographer photographs more than one event in a weekend you’ll want to make sure that it’s not going to coincide with your event.

If purchasing albums you will want to know what quality the album is?

All albums and prints you purchase should be acid-free and printed on archival paper that will last for generations.

Have you shot at my venue before?

Photographers should be aware of the lighting of your location. If they have not photographed an event there before they should be willing to visit the venue beforehand.

Do you follow a shot list or prefer to capture the event as you see fit?

Making your photographer aware of several shots that are must-haves on your list is great, or specific events during your day that you want to make sure are captured. But it’s not necessary to overwhelm them with a huge list. You are hiring a photographer based in their eye and experience, so sit back and let them do their job.

Do you have restrictions on sharing photos online?

Know what rights you have to your images. Are you a Facebook or Instagram fan, you will want to know what you will be allowed to share beforehand.

What will you wear?

You might want to make sure that your photographer plans to match the style of your wedding. Anyone you inquire with should be willing to match the scenery, whether its wearing black for an evening event or lighter colors for a daytime party.

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