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Hi there, we are Tanya and Harry, a husband and wife team that specializes in fine art film photography and providing timeless imagery for the contemporary couple.

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Lifestyle Session in the Snow

If you live in the Smoky Mountains you probably saw snow this past weekend. I have to say I was a bit amazed when it actually snowed, living in Western North Carolina I tend not to trust all the weather man says. But I was pleasantly surprised to wake up Friday morning to a winter wonderland outside my window.

I will be completely honest I like the snow, but I like it from inside in my warm, cozy house. But you know when you have three little humans, they are not content with that. So when daddy came home for lunch, we all got bundled up and outside to play we went.

I really did not want to go outside, but sometimes being a mom is about seizing the moment weather you want to or not. And selfishly who could pass up snow pictures of their sweeties? We went out and built a snowman, ate snow, had a snowball fight, and made snow angels on Friday. And Saturday we went adventuring some more while the snow lasted. After freezing our tails off, pink noses and all we headed in for some hot chocolate and snuggling on the couch.

This post is the continuing personal journey of savoring motherhood through photography. Enjoy…there is more to come.