Quaran-Tea Party (making lemons out of lemonade)

Tea Party Table On the Ground With Quilts and Flowers Photo

Tea Party Time

This is the story of how a sweet Tea Party came about in the midst of social distancing. As a wedding photographer, it has been a sad few weeks. With all of the postponing of our weddings. It will be a few more weeks possibly months before we are able to photograph another wedding. This shoot was born out of a need to create.

I had an editorial planned for March 31, 2020. Unfortunately, it was canceled due to the overwhelming Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the U.S. and the world. One by one everything started falling through the cracks, canceling and postponing. Except for the flowers they still came. And I decided to make lemonade out of the lemons and see the silver lining. When the flowers arrived my little girls just lit up. My daughter’s best friends live across the street which at this time is a Godsend to have friends close! So I decided to plan a sweet little tea party and put those flowers to use. (abiding by social distancing regulations of course ;))

And we did! During this time of discouragement and hardship for many. My hope is that my girls and their sweet friends will one day look back and remember the silver lining. They may just remember a fun tea party and that is great. But for me as an artist that needs to create it was an amazing way to repurpose flowers. And create something beautiful. The sweet bond these little girls have is a great reminder of all the things we still have to be thankful for.

Little Girls Having a Tea Party and Detail of Tea pot and Cups photos Detail of Flowers on Table and Little Girls Having Tea Party Photos Little Girl In Pink Hat Pouring Tea Photo Flowers On Table and Little Girls Having Tea Party On Old Quilts Photos Little Girl Pouring Tea Photo Little Girls Having A Tea Party Photos Back of Little Girl With Pink Dress and Curled Toes On a Quilt Photo Little Girl Pouring Milk In Her Tea and Detail of Roses Photos Tea Party Table On the Ground With Quilts and Flowers PhotoDetail of Sandwiches Strawberries and Cookies and Little Girl Looking Over Tea Cup Photos Detail of Little Girl Holding Dress and Teapot Full of Flowers Detail of Cookie and Tea on a Saucer Photo Hat on Quilt with Roses  and Little Girl Holding Flowers Photos Little Girls Having Tea Party On Old Quilts Photo Two Little Girls in Hats Smiling at Camera and Tea Pot Full of Flowers Photos Tea Cup and Saucer on Quilt Photo Little Girl Sipping Tea Under Hat and Detail of Flowers on Quilt Photos Back of Little Girl In a Sunhat drinking tea Photo Tiny Toes Curled on an old quilt and Little girl in Pink Dress and Sun Hat Photos

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