Our Favorite Wedding Cake Ideas in 2022


March 26, 2022

Painterly Floral Wedding Cake Ideas Photo

Wedding Cakes! What are your thoughts on wedding cakes? We love it when our couples do different things with their wedding dessert! We’ve seen ice cream bars, pies, scones, macaroons, and more. However, the showstopper of them all has to be a glorious cake. It can be the centerpiece of the wedding reception. Whether you choose a simple white cake with flowers, textured cake, cake with gold leafing, or a gorgeous painterly buttercream cake, they are all stunning. Some of our favorite Wedding Cake Ideas from 2021 are below and we can see these trends moving into 2022.

Wedding Cake Tips

Before we go we wanted to pass on our top tips around picking your wedding cake.
1. Go for a tasting! You want a showstopper that’s for sure but it’s all in vain if it doesn’t taste good.
2. Buttercream of Fondant? Buttercream is often better tasting than fondant, but it comes down to what you want the look of your cake to be.
3. Give your cake the spotlight at your reception. Have the perfect spot for your cake so it can be well admired at your reception.
4. Have a good headcount when you go to your baker so they can give you good estimates on what the cost of the cake will be.
5. A cost saving suggestion – Have a smaller tiered cake and then have sheets of cake made by your baker for serving to your guests.
6. Another cost saving tip is to not have dessert with dinner, just serve your cake as your dessert.
7. And finally, probably the most important tip…Do what you want to do! It’s your wedding make sure you get the cake you want.

Wedding Cake Ideas White Cake with Green Olive Leaves Photo Wedding Cake Ideas Mini Cake Photo Wedding Cake Ideas Slices of Pink Cake Wedding Cake Ideas White Textured Cake with Flowers Photo Wedding Cake Ideas White Cake with Flowers Photo Wedding Cake Ideas White Cake with Flowers Photo Wedding Cake Ideas White Cake with Flowers Photo Wedding Cake Ideas Slices of Chocolate Cake Photo Wedding Cake Ideas White Cake With Florals Photo White Cake with Gold Leafing Wedding Cake Ideas Photo

Contributing bakers:

Tenacious Tart
Cream and Flutter (no longer in business).
Cake Envy
Sugar Euphoria
Petite Sweets
Sugar Sugar Cake Boutique
Cakes By Lana New York

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