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Hi there, we are Tanya and Harry, a husband and wife team that specializes in fine art film photography and providing timeless imagery for the contemporary couple.

Meet the McSweens

It’s mamas birthday = Family photo session!

I (Tanya) celebrated my 33rd birthday Sunday. And I definitely pulled the “mama wants family pictures” card for her birthday! And so we headed out the Saturday before to find a sweet spot to take some pretty photos and go on an adventure! It always seems more appealing when you tell the kids (and dad, haha), we are going on an adventure! And oh how I just love these images! God has truly blessed me with so much love and grace in this sweet family of mine.

So now that I am 33, I can tell you that the more birthdays I celebrate the less of a big deal they are. But I am going to share with you what I enjoyed most on my birthday this year. The hubs let me sleep in, which is a regular occurrence in the McSween house. Ladies get you a keeper that lets you sleep in on his day off. I woke up to three sweet babies bringing me pretty pictures, fresh flowers, bacon, and a new Bible. They get me! My awesome family gets me!

About the babes

The half-lings celebrated their birthdays around the holidays this year so just getting birthday images of them is par for the course. We conveniently have a thanksgiving baby, and two around Christmas. To say its chaos is an understatement, and we have to go out of our way to make them feel special on their birthdays, which is actually pretty fun! We have to be really creative!

So Keller, the oldest is losing all his teeth, and by that I mean two and one is loose, but for real, its happening so fast and my mama heart can’t take that he is growing up. He turned 6 the day after Christmas. He is a morning person without a doubt! He wakes up every morning ready to take on the world, mainly by talking. Which anyone who knows me, knows I am the exact opposite. When he gets tired he becomes an emotional mess, and in that we are the same. Never willing to let me leave the house without a hug and a kiss, which I know will soon come to an end.

Penny our middle child, who owns the title to a tee, is effortlessly hilarious and keeps us laughing. Hence the photos you find below. A girly girl for sure, she loves to paint her nails, spin in dresses, and have tea parties. But can hold her own with the boys, climbing trees, and running crazy.

Now speaking of crazy, that more fits our youngest Tess, she is a ball of joy and laughter. Starting to talk a ton and hold her own, she’s becoming more a little girl and less a baby every day! She is a bit strong willed, which she comes by honestly. Life seems very transient stage with these three precious little ones. Enjoy.