Happy Birthday Berkley (North Carolina family photographer)


January 30, 2018

Happy Birthday

This sweet girl will celebrate her 4th Birthday today! Berkley’s zeal and passion for life is already very evident. She is fun and loud just like her mama, and loves people! She is my daughter, Penny’s, beautiful best friend. And my momma heart could not love this little one more!

As a parent I think you anticipate a lot of things in the coming years. But one thing I did not foresee is how much joy it would bring me to watch my kids have great friends. Berkley and Penny are two peas in a pod! They share a genuine affection for each other which is so sweet to watch. Berkley’s mom, Brittany, and I are close friends and so sometimes I guess it’s just assumed that your kids will be friends. But these girls really love each other! Penny asks on a weekly basis when she can go see Berkley. And they always greet each other with hug and high pitched squeals.

I don’t have a friend from birth, or even my early childhood, most of my deep friendships have been established in adulthood. So to think how deep their friendship will run is pretty exciting. Berkley and Penny were born 6 weeks apart, and have been best buddies before they could choose to like each other. This journey of motherhood keeps pleasantly surprising me! So here is to Berkley! Happy fourth birthday sweet girl! The McSweens (most of all Penny) love you to pieces.

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