December 4, 2018

Biltmore Bridal Session | Jennet

Biltmore Bridal Session Jennet standing on balcony overlooking the Biltmore house PhotoBiltmore Bridal Session

Every part of the Biltmore is stunning. Everywhere on the property is a picture perfect moment waiting to happen. The iconic main house is a beautiful display of French Renaissance architecture, but my absolute favorite place to shoot at the Biltmore is the conservatory. The lovely Conservatory was built in 1895 and highlights a wide variety of exotic plants. Its high arched windows look out onto the terraced butterfly garden and the pointed glass roof lets in an plenty of natural light.

The Bride

Jennet is a full-time artist. In her home country, Turkmenistan, she was a well-known painter. One evening she went to an art exhibition at Juma Gallery in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Unbeknownst to her, her future husband, Barry, was there. She and her mother were looking at a painting.  She did not realize her mom had moved away and she accidentally put her arm around a man and started speaking in Russian. Then she thought: “this doesn’t feel like my mom”…. and she looked over and saw Barry smiling at her. Embarrassed as she was at the end of the evening he walked over to Jennet and gave her a hug and said, “It was a pleasure to meet you.”
A month later Jennet was giving away a painting for charity at the embassy and met Barry again. He gave all his raffle tickets to her painting not knowing it was Jennets. A month goes by and the two meet again at a dance club. He was a good dancer and they danced the entire night. At the end of the evening, he asked for her number. After a year of dating and a lot of traveling, he proposed to Jennet in Tenerife, Spain. The two decided to move to Asheville in early 2016, where they married in a hot air balloon. Now he works at the State Employees Credit Union and Jennet continues to paint.
Biltmore Bridal Session Detail of engagement ring and bride holding bouquet smiling at the camera PhotosBiltmore Bridal Session Bride with Bouquet and Detail of engagement ring between two flowers PhotosBiltmore Bridal Session Detail of brides dress and bouquet and Jennet in front of the conservatory doors PhotosBiltmore Bridal Session Jennet in the conservatory green house PhotosBiltmore Bridal Session Bride sitting on step outside conservatory PhotoBiltmore Bridal Session Jennet inside Biltmore Conservatory PhotosBiltmore Bridal Session Bride on Balcony in front of Biltmore House PhotoBiltmore Bridal Session Bride in a field of wildflowers PhotosBiltmore Bridal Session Bride walking toward camera under trees PhotoBiltmore Bridal Session Bride smiling over her shoulder at the camera and bride walking toward the camera PhotosBiltmore Bridal Session Bride with wildflowers looking over her shoulder PhotosBiltmore Bridal Session Bride holding wedding cake PhotosBiltmore Bridal Session Jennet in a field of wild flowers PhotoBiltmore Bridal Session Bride holding a piece of ribbon and invitation Photos
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