Asher Eric – Turns 2 (Andrews, NC family photographer)

Asher turns 2 –

Happy second birthday to sweet Asher…His mom is one of my best friends and I just love this little guy! He has the biggest smile I believe I have ever seen. Asher loves hats, bicycles, motorcycles, dinosaurs, lions, blocks, and food. There are many times I have been around to hear him look at his mama with big eyes and say, “hungeeee.”

A note from mama:

“You have a big smile and a big heart. You copy everything (literally everything) your sister does and says. You love to make jokes and to laugh. You don’t like slides but love to swing and to climb. You can almost count to 10 and you call most every color blue. You are a daddy’s boy through and through but I know you have a special place for your mama too. You’ve changed our world, my little man, and I pray we teach you to do that every day. I love you, Asher Eric. You do you, bud.”


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