The O’Leary Family (Murphy, NC family Photographer)

A family reunion, 50th anniversary, and the eclipse –

Meet the O’Leary Family! Scott from Orlando and Dan from Auburn, met their parents in the North Carolina mountains to celebrate their parents 50th wedding anniversary. All very interested in the Eclipse they decided to make it an anniversary gift for their parents. Totality happen right over Murphy, NC where a friend of the family owned a “get-away” cabin. Scott and Dan’s mom had been before and she loved it, so we decided to bring the whole family up to see this once-in-a-lifetime event and make some  pretty remarkable new memories together.

Dan and his wife Cheryl and family are avid Auburn fans, their whole family attending Auburn helped. Scott went to school in Tampa at USF, but recently returned to Orlando. The family with two kids are the Kology’s.  Jeff Kology is Scott’s best friend and have been so since high school.  He is more like a brother to Scott and a third son to his folks.  They were inseparable when they were young and he was always spending time with them.  He went to school at FAU, where he met his wife Meghan.  The two adopted little Hailey after being told they would never have kids.  That’s also when she got pregnant with Dillon.  Funny how those things work out.  They moved to North Carolina about ten years ago and they love it.

What a fun getaway for everyone, and a once in a lifetime experience to get to see a total eclipse of the sun! Enjoy!


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