Savoring Motherhood (Andrews, NC photographer)

The big K  (Kindergarten) –

I cannot believe my sweet baby is in Kindergarten. It seems like he was just born, but sure enough he will be six in December! Some days I stop and look at Keller and think how did he get so big? He used to fit in my arms, and now I can barely hold him. So is motherhood I am told. The days are long, but the years are short. That has proved to be true!

I have to pinch myself at times, because I think, God let me be this little guys momma! He chose me to teach and grow him. Seeing the great kid he is becoming overwhelms me at times. He is such a joy to be around. Don’t get me wrong he has his moments like every other kid, but I really do like him. His zeal for life is infectious, unless its 8am and then not so much, but he wakes up every day wide open and ready for anything. He started talking at 18 months old and has not stopped since. Whether he has lost a tooth or has a new lego guy you are going to know all about it!

He is learning to be a great big brother, having two little sisters can sure test you, but he is filling those shoes rather well! He is a fierce and loyal friend. And in classic first born fashion, he is an awesome helper. I love that even though he is getting older he still has to hug and kiss me before I go anywhere. I am super excited to see the man Keller will become, and what God has for his future, but for now I am happy to still get some snuggles in.

This post is the continuing personal journey of savoring motherhood through photography. Enjoy…there is more to come.


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