Savoring Motherhood (Andrews, NC photographer)

It’s easy as a mom to get caught up in the mundane “get through the day” mentality. So often I find myself looking forward to nap time, quiet time, and the time when dad comes home and gives me a break. Looking forward to the days when I am not so frazzled because the kids can tie their own shoes and grab their own jackets and snacks, days when I don’t have to think about diapers. Then my heart stops me dead in my tracks and I am overwhelmingly convicted about wishing this precious time away. Wishing away the dirty faces, bouncy curly hair, and my oldest sons excitement over, “new brand” anything.

When I pull out my camera I try to focus on the simple joys of my children’s days, it has helped me to find the joys of motherhood more and slow down and savor these days while they are little bitty, because just like everyone says it goes by really fast and I don’t want to miss it.

This post is the beginning of a personal journey of savoring motherhood through photography. Taking photos for other people is a joy and a passion, but documenting my own children’s lives is something I do not want to miss.

Enjoy…there is more to come.


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